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Nautilus Sailor Bar

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Members of two families who were real boat and shipping enthusiasts created Nautica Limited Partnership in 1990. The ever-growing family run company’s core business is provision of waterborne passenger transportation and operating a marina. The business model of the company is to provide access to a marina of high Western European standards, based on mainly Austrian and German models. This way they attempt to make Esztergom, the historic city of King St. Istvan, even more appealing to water tourists.

The company’s main goal is to become a favorite destination for water tourists, to provide the highest level of service and lastly but most importantly, to provide a friendly, almost family –like atmosphere for its guests.

The marina is located on the Small Danube that flows through the heart of the city and gives it a picturesque backdrop. The marina is also conveniently located in the center of the city. The site was rebuilt in 2012 to provide higher standards and larger variety of services.

As part of the latest development the Nautilus Boat Bar was opened, which was a long time dream of the owners. There are only very few venues in Hungary that can offer a similar atmosphere and views with the closest located in Budapest. The Nautilus Boat Bar is one of the very few locations where you can dine or enjoy your drinks while also be fascinated by the beautiful views of the Bazilika or the Fort of Esztergom. Nautica is trying to fill this niche by creating a unique venue in the historical city that hopefully will fulfill all expectations.

Opening hours in spring:
Mo-Thu: 12-20 h
Fr-Sat: 12-23 h
Sun: 12-20 h

Phone number: +36 30/642-69-53 | +36 33/313 942

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