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Brief history

The Nautica Limited Partnership was established in 1990 by two families who loved shipping and aquatic life. The continuously developing family business was established in order to operate passenger water transport and marina, so parallelly, the company has developed in two ways. The philosophy of the company was to be the first to set up a high-quality pier system appropriate for landing, based on the western – especially Austrian and German – pattern, thus making Saint Stephen’s royal town more attractive.

Its mission is to become an attractive destination for cruise guests, provide appropriate and satisfying service offerings and – what is perhaps the main virtue of the company – to create an intimate, homely and friendly atmosphere for people longing for relaxation.

The beginning of the operations of Nautica Limited Partnership took place in 1990 after the purchase of the 15-metre long piers of Hotel Esztergom. Then the owners have had piers made, lengthening the original condition with 80 metres.

Soon after, two 9-metre long landing stages were bought, which were also attached to the port. Since then – as finances and time allowed – continuous expansions had been taking place until 2000, when it reached its final form and length. The initial 15 metres have grown to a length of 180 metres in less than a decade.

There was an important change in the company’s history in 2000. Due to various reasons the two founding families parted ways and from that point on Attila Ferenc Papp has been administering the company alone.

By 2012, the port had been completely rebuilt, for the management had thought that innovation was necessary. The service expansion and developments were preceded by the surveying of the market demand. The concrete pier system, the wooden house built on it, the establishment of the catering and the construction of a social block found in future plans aims exactly at this.