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Yacht Port Nautica

2500 Esztergom, Gesztenye fasor (Next to Hotel Esztergom)


2500 Esztergom, Bocskoroskúti út 30.

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Papp Attila
  • Papp Attila
  • harbour-master
  • Tel: +36 30/227-1369
Ifj Papp Attila
  • Ifj. Papp Attila
  • Tel: +36 30/545-3308



By boat:

Arrival from Budapest: Leave Helemba island, – IMPORTANT: pass by the flashing red and the blind green according to the Shipping Regulations! Above the island there are two buoyed stone closes. After getting under the Basilica, you can find the estuary of Little-Danube on the left after about 500 metres. Enter here and you will see Nautica yacht port after about 15 metres.

Arrival from Bratislava: go past under Maria Valeria bridge and find the estuary of Little-Danube on the right, about 300 metres from the bridge. Enter here and you will see the port after a couple of metres. There is a footbridge under which the port begins.


By car:

Arrival from the direction of Visegrád on Road 11: after reaching the town centre go to the direction of Maria Valeria bridge. After reaching Mediterraneo restaurant, turn right and go to the car park in front of Hotel Esztergom.

Arrival from the direction of Tát or Dorog on Road 10: after reaching the roundabout exit to the direction of Párkány, go over Tabán bridge, then after about 800 metres go to the car park in front of Hotel Esztergom.

ATTENTION! On the Danube, above and below the estuary of Little-Danube there are ports for big ships where one may see stationary ship hotels covering the estuary from sight. Above the estuary there is one pontoon and there are two below it.
The entrance of Little-Danube is rather narrow, but its depth is appropriate.